Novacom creates UNIQUE PRODUCTS for all its clients, providing expertise and advice to obtain creative excellence in precast concrete, based on an initial project.

We create personalised items, aiming to manufacture final customised products with the same quality-price ratio as standardised products.

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UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete)

The Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) manufactured by Novacom is an innovative precast concrete which meets the most stringent demands in terms of design for slender or very slender structural elements under axial stress.

Novacom's empirical knowledge of this material has furnished it with the necessary expertise to be able to study, evaluate and implement any precast project involving slender architectural elements and the most exacting usage demands.

The specific production method employed by Novacom, with extremely precise dosing applications, additions, specific fibres, additives, particle size distribution and controlled curing, results in a high performance, highly durable Concrete.

The enormous compressive strength and high ductility of our UHPC makes it a material that is suitable for use in the design of precast elements in a limitless array of forms.

For the most demanding projects, Novacom is able to offer all the necessary mechanisms and processes for the realisation of all numerical modelling analysis and the subsequent testing required for the issuance of a structural system report. All these undertakings are performed by partner companies that are highly skilled and experienced within the relevant sector and always under the supervision of the Department of Construction of the University of Girona.



Compressive strength a 28 d. 100/150 MPa
Direct tensile strength a 28 d. 6/8 Mpa
Flexural strength a 28 d. 15/30 Mpa
Water absorption by immersion a 24 h. 6%



AC (Architectural Concrete)

The application of industrial processes in construction have positioned precast Architectural Concrete as a key element in the simplification of building procedure.

The significant decrease in on-site work, cost guarantees, minimal risk of unforeseen issues, reduction in implementation timelines and deadline guarantees, the simplification of construction work, thus preventing the generation of debris, and removal of the need for temporary elements or auxiliary structures, are some of the important benefits provided by precasting, which act to deliver improved economic performance.

The human and technical resource base developed as a result of the Novacom company's extensive experience, means that its precast Architectural Concrete comes with a definitive and unrivalled quality guarantee within traditional construction.

The in-house manufacturing of original and moulded pieces based on a structural concept has led Novacom to being able to offer a comprehensive, reliable service on its commissioned projects, with the paramount objective of providing the necessary productivity to deliver a bottom line for the final product that outperforms the competition.

More than a century of bringing architectural creativity to fruition has obliged Novacom to constantly evolve its response in terms of materials, forms and textures and thereby offer added value to any project that involves the development of a unique architectural project.